Rock in the Church??

Ezekiel's Wheel rolls along within this realm of obtuse incongruities and half truths, often brushing against systems of belief that provide no solution for the ancient questions of death, chance, fate, and pets who have more intelligence than our co-workers.

We are aliens and strangers in this world, and find it unfriendly and selfish for the most part, although we stank too. Some of us were freed from the mental and spiritual systems of this life after living for the lies fed by heros and fools, others were emancipated early and discerned poison from purity from youth. We of the Wheel orbit ready to give an answer for the apparent aloofness of God, the possible pointlessness of personal restraint, and the acidic alliteration ubiquitously used in our communication.

Throughout the history of the church, contemporary media has been confronted with ignorant opposition. Bach was reprimanded for his expressive use of the organ and his complex music. Luther was criticized for using melodies of popular drinking songs for great proclamations of praise and evangelism. Charles Wesley's hymns were called too rhythmic. All of this music has brought great praise of God and explanation of our faith in spite of criticism. So also suffers the medium of rock music.

Ezekiel's Wheel explains God's love through this often maligned medium to provide an alternative to the propaganda and filth which rock is often used to promote. Garbage has a smell unique to this planet, and a lot of music made here has that odor.

Love comes in quietly and like a storm. Long live Rock. We predict that in the future, rock will be the music of the past, and a new form of music will undergo the same attacks for being used to glorify God.

The first battle tactic the Enemy uses is to try to convince believers that a new media belongs completely to evil. We hate evil of all sorts, and we hope you understand Who it is, and what it is we love.

Provide yourselves some excitement. Stop taking your ministry so seriously. Invite Ezekiel's Wheel to provide you a diversion for your friends and soon to be friends. A full promotional package is available on request.

Our primary emphasis tends to talking about life as it really is - that is, it can be tough. Messiah gives us a reason to live through the tough times, and makes the times in our lives which are joyous even better. Hearing that from a pulpit on Sunday morning works for some kids, but hearing it from a guy with an electric guitar can get the attention of someone who otherwise would reject the message out-of-hand.

That's why we're doing what we're doing. We're musicians because of Him, and are who we are He made us that way. We have no higher calling than "The Great Commission". And we know of no better way for us to get that message across than performing the music He has put on our hearts.

We play for non-church events as well. Our music speaks for itself, and if you have concerns about having a "Christian" rock band at your event, please contact us to put your mind at ease. We just happen to love Jesus, and talk about Him in our music... much like a patriot would talk about his country, or one who loves her pet parrot just has to tell you about it. Where preaching is desired, we preach - where concert and music are desired, we concerto and musicify.

The Practical Stuff

We'll come play for a small, negotiable fee and a chance to sell some CD's. We are a strange combination of entertainment and philosophy and can be quite gratuitous in providing our services, which require an exceptional amount of energy and resources to perform. Contraract agreements are usually beneficial to both parties.

All proceeds from any event go directly to keeping this ministry going (which includes supporting suffering children overseas). If you have any questions, PLEASE contact us! We love to talk about the great things the Lord is doing through Ezekiel's Wheel!