Fall into Head Hole Mines and dig some nuggets of doggerel and deviation..


Roland G-808 Electric Guitar/Synthesizer Controller (dual humbuckers, modified electronics)
[Beloved Harp - Deore Gleobeam (dee oree glee o bee am)]
Ibanez IMG2010 X-ING Electric Guitar/Synthesizer Controller (2 humbuckers)
[Gleaming Plough - Scir Erian (skeer eerian)]
Korg O1/W Pro Synthesizer [Beast of Clarity - Geryman Nieten (ghereeman ny ee teen)]
Yamaha AN1x Analog Modeling Synthesizer [Tornado Wheel -Wirvil Hweol (wir vil hwee ol)]
Ensoniq KT-76 Weighted key synth [Beater - Beater (bee ah teer)]
Roland MKS-50 Analog Synthesizer [Monster - Sceadugenga (skiad oogenga)]
Yamaha A3000 Sampler [Distant Disturbance - Fierlen Myršu - fie eer leen my er doo]
Rickenbacker 4001 Bass (on loan from Allen) [Spear - Franca (franka)]
Behringer GMX212 Stereo Guitar Amp[Gravel - Greot (gree ot)]
Roland GM-70 Guitar Synthesizer Controller (sends MIDI from the G-808 and G-505 Roland guitars to synths and processors)
Zoom Studio 1204 (used for vocoding and voice processing)
Alesis Qudraverb Plus (effects for the MKS-50)
Alesis Quadraverb GT (who says rack processors don't kick... the Roland G guitars send MIDI data to warp this out)
Korg KMX-122 rack mixer (clean, 3 aux buses)
Akai MB-76 (photo and data coming soon)
Other electronic devices to massage your central ear (pedals, knobbies, wires, internal modifications, intramolecular vibrational imaging, common denominator disassociation, etc.)
Lead and Background Vocals

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Life seemed pretty stupid for me in school. My concept of "fun" ruled. I was convinced that most of the teachers who taught me had useless answers to the big questions of life: Like - Why are we here? Why do we die? Why are there rules for anything? So, I lived for getting high starting at age 15. It felt good. The buzz was fun at first, but soon became more important than the things I loved. Even though I knew that when I was loaded I couldn't think as well, play music as well, or relate to friends - the buzz was more important. And I thought I could have the buzz and progress with my life's goals (college, marriage and music). But I was wrong - drugs made me stupid and useless. I flunked out of college and had major trouble with the law by being busted. At age 23, I gave my life to Jesus. He in turn gave a real life to me. I now have real love and companionship from my wonderful wife and son, as well as reliable, honorable friends from God. It was a struggle to follow Jesus at first, but I learned to love Him more than the foolish distractions that had stolen my goals. I also was deceived by liars who said that Jesus would automatically heal all my problems and give me material prosperity (wealth). I learned to follow His ways, even when they seemed difficult, and began to grow up spiritually. Later, I was given the priviledge of being a Youth Director, Men's Ministry Leader, Disability Ministry Leader, Worship Leader and Deacon. My wife, Sarah, and I have one son, Jimmy.

Incidentally - Sarah is blind, and is involved with ministries to the disabled. Also, she is Korean-American and is interested in meeting disabled people of any sort (and I am too!). Sarah was the host of a radio program "Blue Skies Tomorrow" on a Korean radio station for over 2 years. She is now teaching Disability Awareness studies from the Bible guided by the Joni and Friend's ministry. (Sarah is a computer programmer by trade, I am a Computer Network Analyst. Please check out our web page at http://www.erols.com/edwards)
My training in music includes clarinets, basses, guitar, percussion, theory and composition (self-taught, mostly). Our favorite scripture is 2 Cor 4:8,9.
You can email Ed by removing the FOO. section at:FOO.ed@untiedmusic.com