Ezekiel's Wheel

Here are photos of SOME of our gear.
These photos display the core of our setup, although some may be slightly out of date.
(Older stuff will be noted as such.)

Core Equipment

Allen's Setup

Guild SG300 Electric Guitar
ART SGX Guitar Processor
Roland GM-70 Guitar to MIDI converter
Fender Deluxe Reverb amp
Generic(TM)4x10" cabinet

Ed's Setup

From left can be seen the Rickenbacker 4001, Roland G-808, Peavey Classic 30, (from top down) Toshiba Tecra Laptop (*gone - obsolete), Rack 'o Gear, and Carvin 4X12" cabinet.

Detail of Ed's Keyboards

Top is Yamaha AN1x
Middle is Korg 01/W Pro
Bottom is Ensoniq KT-76 weighted keyboard

Part of Emory's Setup

On left is faintly seen of the Peavey head and Hartke 2X10" cabinet. On its right is the Hofner bass, and the Kramer.

Most of the Band's Setup

The Hofner bass is seen on the left, to its right is the Yari-Alvarez 12 String, followed by Allen's rig, Ed's gear and Ryan's drums.
Soon to be shown: Emory's Korg A5 processor, Alesis Nanosynth and Behringer mixer.

Kramer "Frankencaster" Focus 1000

The Frankencaster is a backup MIDI guitar for concerts. It has been modified externally and internally by Emory and Allen.

EW Modified Moog Taurus II pedals

These organ pedals were purchased at a pawn shop without the synth engine. The band designed and modified them to send MIDI out to play our synths. They are also used to change patches during concerts via our laptop computer control.

Ryan's Drums

Ludwig double bass kit.
See below for schematic.

Drum Map