• Our goal is for you to enjoy being entertained.

    Give peas a chance. Whirled by extraneous winds, please just have a good time.
    Somewhere under the music you may discover that we'd like to bring glory to God our Father through Christ His Son by the Holy Spirit's motivation and power. (If you would like to discuss the whole "Christian" issue of our band, or how Ezekiel's vision of the Wheels relates to UFOs, the paranormal or any other topic, please email Ed Edwards.) We endeavor not to compromise on style, finesse, and taste in using whatever He has granted us to serve Him. If you want to stick a "religious" label on us, go ahead. If you feel the urge to call us nuts, do so only if they are cashews. However, you may enjoy our sounds.
    Religion is phoney. Ezekiel's Wheel has no part with so-called religion, or any other organized effort to impress God. We want to serve mankind with sound, as we are enabled. If you are deaf, we would like to serve you also (please check out our virtual stage page). If you are a fool, you'll have to determine if you need help. We don't specialize in labels.