CMC Musicfest 2004
CMC Musicfest 2004
Appearing With:
Under Command, Deana Mears, His Glory, Vernon Lewis,
Crucial Decision, Common Clay, and Keith Andrew Grim

EVERYONE WHO WALKS IN THE GATE receives a free CD with music by
Disciple, Phil Keaggy, Jonathan David Brown,
Karen England, Festival Performers* and many more!


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* Not all festival performers will appear on Compilation CD.

**The BaltimoreCMC is a 501C non-profit ministry  for independant Christian musicians in the Greater Baltimore Area.  CMC provides an avenue of resource and support for Christian musicians in the Baltimore area. If you are a musician in a band, a soloist, a choir member, in a praise team , a music ministry leader...if you have or participate in a music ministry of any kind...if you have a dream to provide Christian music within your church, outside your church, if you want to reach the world for Christ through music...then CMC is the place for you.